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Our team of dedicated professionals provide exceptional 1 on 1 treatment to get you back performing at your peak. Each iMove Physiotherapist has had extensive training and industry experience. Our team will provide you with a detailed diagnosis of your condition, a tailored rehabilitation program and performance optimisation steps. We will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage and improve your condition. Come and meet our friendly team today.


Colin Wong
Colin Wong Physiotherapist
Colin is our ‘triple threat’ Rozelle physio and has come to us all the way from Canada. Colin studied Kinesiology which makes him knowledgable in the areas of biomechanics and movement.
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Patrick McNamara
Patrick McNamara Physiotherapist
This photo perfectly sums up our running physio Patrick McNamara. He embodies everything running. A qualified run coach who has worked with CanToo helping runners of all abilities.
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Laura Hill
Laura Hill Physiotherapist
Laura is a keen netballer and gym goer. She is fantastic at handling lower limb injuries and power performance needs. She enjoys detailed rehab to get you “better than pre-injury status”.
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Mike Engelsman
Mike EngelsmanMassage Therapist
Mike is our outstanding massage therapist at iMove Physio Rozelle. He brings with him years of experience treating athletes in many roles. He has worked as a RunLab and CanToo running coach.
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Bridget Burns
Bridget Burns Physiotherapist
Bridget is our Principal Physio at iMove Rozelle. Bridget brings with her experience and knowledge in multiple sporting areas including basketball, netball, water polo and rugby union.
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Mitch Heiser
Mitch HeiserPhysiotherapist
Mitch is a local, growing up in Padstow, and an experienced iMover in our Panania Team. He is our go-to physio for shoulders, knees and ankle issues. Movement and performance have also become a massive strength if you are looking to start a new fitness regime or get fitter and stronger.
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Daniel Stack
Daniel StackPhysiotherapist
Daniel has years of excellent physiotherapy experience in both the clinical and sports physio roles. Being pilates trained means he is fantastic with back and neck pain as well as women’s health issues. Being the Physio to the A-League referees has also made him proficient in any tenon/tendonitis/overuse injuries or rehabbing back to multi directional sports.
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Adrian D'costa
Adrian D'costaPhysiotherapist
Adrian is our Principal Physio at iMove Miranda Clinic. He is passionate about learning and you will always find him trying new techniques and learning new principles in the the physio world.
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Hayden Garner
Hayden Garner Physiotherapist
Hayden Garner is a core member of our Miranda team. He is an avid surfer, AFL player and CrossFitter. Due to his CrossFit background Hayden has merged movement science, performance and physio.
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Michael Rizk
Michael Rizk Physiotherapist
Michael is a proud owner of iMove Physio, currently practicing from both iMove Rozelle and iMove Panania. He has worked in a mixture of private practice and sporting teams for the last five years.
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Daniel Kurlapski
Daniel Kurlapski Physiotherapist
Daniel is a proud owner of iMove Physio, currently practicing from both iMove Rozelle and iMove Miranda. Previously, he spent four years as Sydney F.C’s Assistant Physiotherapist, working with the senior team.
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