Colin is our ‘triple threat’ Rozelle physio and has come to us all the way from Canada. Triple threat because he has worked at all 3 iMove Physio clinics.  We have found him a home at iMove Physio Rozelle.
Studying Kinesiology in Canada which makes him particularly knowledgable in the areas of biomechanics and movement. Rozelle suited Colin’s skill set of working with movers and shakers. Colin excels at helping you with your training weather it be circuit, lifting heavy or running.

Professional development has included working with surgeons in orthopaedic seminars. ACL rehabilitation courses peaked his interest and now he has been formally educated in the iMove Run Consult to make you a stronger, more efficient and injury free runner.

Due to his recent battle with tendonitis Colin now considers himself a ‘guru’ in that field weather it is achilles or tennis elbow.

You can book online with Colin for a Physio Consult 6 days a week at our iMove Rozelle Clinic.