Can you do 25 of these simple calf exercises?

Get your calves strong with this one easy exercise.

This is one of the most basic calf exercises you can do, but one that is crucial for building up calve strength. You can do it comfortably at home, outside or in your office all your need is a flat surface and a wall.

Get started:

Simply stand 30 cm away from the wall while facing it and slightly lift one of your feet off the ground. Next slowly raise your other foot until you are up on your toes, now come down with a nice controlled motion. Stick to 2 seconds up/2 seconds down. You can use the wall as a balancing mechanism while you are performing the exercise. The goal is to keep the middle of your ankle aligned with your second and third toe. Repeat the process on each side, the goal is to perform 25 repetitions of a single leg calf raise. These calf exercises are sure to activate and work the your muscles. It is the perfect exercise for those recovering from lowers leg Achilles injuries and people looking to rebuild strength.

Make sure to follow Steve on his journey through the process. We will be posting plenty of new content, full of exercises you can perform by yourself at home. We are your local body experts with clinics throughout Sydney. Come in a speak to one of our specialists today, we can help you recover quicker and perform better.

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