Bursitis, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff problems. These terms may sound familiar if you have had shoulder pain. Often the underlying cause to most shoulder pain is poor stability of the shoulder. More specifically how well your rotator cuff (shoulder muscles) can keep the ball centred in the socket. If the rotator cuff doesn’t do a good job of this you will start to get wear and tear in the shoulder.

So how do we work the rotator cuff? Often you will see people on cables performing some kind of external rotation to work the cuff. This is fine at the beginning of rehab to isolate the muscles but it is not enough to work the shoulder in more functional positions. Think about putting something away in the top shelf. Or lifting your kids up or just weight lifting in general.

The Turkish getup remains my favourite way to get stability in the shoulder overhead and return to those everyday tasks pain free.

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