Hi Guys, I’ve got Fletch from Running Science, we’ve told him all about the runners muscle. It’s gluteus medius, that’s a little palm-shaped muscle on the side of your hip.

It’s job is to stabilize your hip and help your knee track straight when you run.
The reason it’s the runner’s muscle is if it doesn’t work well you’ll start to drop away in the hips and you start to lose energy laterally, side to side, and a good runner… all the energy will go straight ahead.

The other thing it does is if it’s not strong your knee will fall in and you’ll start to run into knee pain and troubles like Fletch’s had.

It’s not just going to help you run faster, you’ve got 15 percent more efficiency and will prevent injury particularly knee an hip pain.

I’ve taken Fletch through some exercises… clams, X-bands, deadlifts.
We’ll show you those in videos later… and Fletch’s been running since working on it.

Yeah, I knew nothing about it when I came in here, I was having a problem we’ve all talked about, my knee was tracking in, I was having knee pain, I wasn’t able to get past 40-50K’s a week but since I’ve been able to activate this I feel like I’m running stronger, I’m able to run faster and I’m not tiring as easily so… it’s a winner.

Less knee pain as well, which was the original reason you came in.

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