All of our rehabilitation physio’s have completed Exercise Science degrees as well as Masters in Physiotherapy. This means we can provide you with specialist and individualised rehabilitation for any injury including if you are pre or post surgery. Have a look at how we can help you:

Rotator Cuff, bursitis and shoulder complaints:

We specialise in rehabilitating shoulder pain. Whether you are experiencing a niggle from work or you are coming back from rotator cuff surgery we know how the best way to get you back on track sooner.

Chronic low back pain:

The latest evidence for low back pain suggests a multi-factoral approach to back pain. The key here is taking an accurate history and with our longer consult time you will get the best treatment. We are able to provide you with all the diet, exercise and hands on therapy advice you need to get you over your back pain. If you have back pain this article is a must read:

Hip and Knee replacements/reconstructions:

Every hip and knee surgery is different. Taking an individualised approach is the best way to rehab these areas. Our exercise science backgrounds allows us to understand exactly what strength work you can do and at what time. This ensures you are back to sport, work and life as soon as possible. Here you can watch a video of one of our patients progress through the first 5-months of her ACL knee reconstruction. Our team of rehabilitation physio’s at iMove can help you get back to your physical best.

Other areas we can help with are advice and treatment for:
– Arthroscopic clean outs/Arthroscope procedures.
– Assessing the need for cortizone and what to do Pre and Post Cortizone.
Overuse injuries including carpal tunnel, stiff necks, tension headaches.

Please call us if you require more information regarding your injury. We are your local rehabilitation physio’s in Sydney, servicing; Balmain, Rozelle, Lilyfield, Leichhardt, Drummoyne, Panania, Revesby, Padstow, Holdsworthy and Miranda. Our goal is to help you recover quickly so you can get back to doing what you love.