Lower Back & Hip Flow

iMove Rozelle Physio, Bridget Burns show us her lower back and hip flow. Lower back and hip stiffness can strike at anytime for several reasons. [...]

Lower Back & Hip Flow2017-09-20T17:55:40+00:00

Diastasis (Belly Separation)

Diastasis Belly Separation;   Diastasis is when the the abdominal wall separates to accommodate your growing bub. It is a normal process and nothing to [...]

Diastasis (Belly Separation)2017-09-20T17:55:22+00:00

What & Why Tendonitis?

Tendonitis is simply a grumpy or grumbling tendon. A tendon becomes inflamed, gets disorganised collagen fibers, gets an increase in nerve and blood vessels, becomes [...]

What & Why Tendonitis?2017-09-20T17:55:01+00:00

Peck Release to Improve Shoulder & Neck Pain

A quick tip to improve shoulder and neck function and reduce pain; The Pec Minor gets ‘short’/’tight’ from our increasingly rounded shoulders and desk posture. [...]

Peck Release to Improve Shoulder & Neck Pain2017-09-20T17:54:40+00:00

Ankle Strapping for the Stiff Ankle

This is a slightly unusual strapping for ankles that we have had good results in the clinic with. It doesn’t replace ankle strapping for a [...]

Ankle Strapping for the Stiff Ankle2017-09-20T16:55:26+00:00

Running Technique Changes to Help Niggles

Hip/knee/shin niggles when running? It may be time to consider a running technique tweak. You can’t cheat running load… only re-distribute it. In the video [...]

Running Technique Changes to Help Niggles2017-09-20T16:55:14+00:00