How to Relieve Tight Hips

Relive Your Tight Tight Hips – Mobility Set; Why do I do this as a set? Stretching is dead, ineffective and actually, reduces power. Rolling [...]

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Isometric to Relieve Tendon Pain

What is Isometrics? Isometrics are static contractions of a muscle rather than a shortening and lengthening of a muscle tissue. What do they do? They [...]

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Perfect a Single Leg Rise

Do you have had knee issues? Is your knee (or knees!) a bit niggly after your run or weights session? How many single leg rises [...]

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Perfect your Pace Bowling

Cricket season has begun. Adrian from iMove Physiotherapy Miranda, with the help of Matt from Gymea Bay Cricket Club, show us how to perfect your [...]

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Plantar Fascia Release

The plantar fascia release not only works locally but globally, increasing range and decreasing symptoms. Colin demonstrates how a simple 30 second release can not [...]

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Ankle Sprains

Stop treating your ankle sprain by saying, ‘it’s just an ankle sprain.”  We can do so much better. I know that feeling. You go over [...]

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How to Plank Correctly

How to plank! Are you – Engaging quads by lifting knee caps up your leg – Engaging glutes by squeezing buttocks (apples not apple sauce! [...]

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