iMove Physiotherapy

iMove Physio has experienced physiotherapy clinic’s across Sydney. Our consults are 40-minutes and are completely dedicated 1 on 1. This ensures you get the best management for your injury. You will leave with a thorough understanding of your condition and what you can do about it. Our longer consults allow for a detailed explanation of your condition, the latest hands on treatment to help you move better and a guided exercise program. We have a fully equipped gym and we will watch and assist you in your program. As well as this all patients will receive their rehab program in email and as an app.

We are experienced in dealing with an active rehabilitation for several conditions including neck and shoulder pain, back pain, knee and running injuries as well as pre and post natal care for new and expecting mums. We have an extensive referral network to provide you with all your health needs including footwear, orthotics, running groups, personal trainers or the appropriate gym to join. Our Facebook page and website is updated weekly with the latest videos to keep you moving and performing better and most importantly pain free.


iMove Physiotherapy

The Right Treatment For You

A strong focus on performance optimisation and prevention not just injury rehabilitation also sets us apart from other physiotherapy practices. We help patients run faster, throw further and lift more by tweaking their programs, getting them stronger or simply showing them how to better maintain themselves with self-massage, foam rolling and activation exercises. We are experienced s at dealing with sports injuries, surgical rehabilitation, women’s health and running performance.

Achieve Your Performance Goals

Don’t put your treatment off any longer. We can help you recover faster and perform better