This is a slightly unusual strapping for ankles that we have had good results in the clinic with.

It doesn’t replace ankle strapping for a ‘loose’ ankle in the first few weeks after a sprain. It is more for a stiff ankle, painful ankle or swollen ankle.

This often occurs 3-4 months after an ankle injury or as a result of arthritic changes at the ankle joint.

We will tend to get stiff at the ankle and this taping can help re-position the fibular to open up the ankle joint space. Overall, you will feel lighter and looser around the ankle.

This can help reduce swelling after activities or just help your ankle move better.

We like it because it is easy to apply and can have very rapid changes on a stiff or arthritic ankle.

As always seek a professionals advice to know if this is right for you. We are your local physio at Rozelle, Miranda and Panania.