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Lower Back & Hip Flow

iMove Rozelle Physio, Bridget Burns show us her lower back and hip flow. Lower back and hip stiffness can strike at anytime for several reasons.

Lower Back & Hip Flow2017-09-20T17:55:40+10:00

Diastasis (Belly Separation)

Diastasis Belly Separation;   Diastasis is when the the abdominal wall separates to accommodate your growing bub. It is a normal process and nothing to

Diastasis (Belly Separation)2017-09-20T17:55:22+10:00

What & Why Tendonitis?

Tendonitis is simply a grumpy or grumbling tendon. A tendon becomes inflamed, gets disorganised collagen fibers, gets an increase in nerve and blood vessels, becomes

What & Why Tendonitis?2017-09-20T17:55:01+10:00

Peck Release to Improve Shoulder & Neck Pain

A quick tip to improve shoulder and neck function and reduce pain; The Pec Minor gets ‘short’/’tight’ from our increasingly rounded shoulders and desk posture.

Peck Release to Improve Shoulder & Neck Pain2017-09-20T17:54:40+10:00

Ankle Strapping for the Stiff Ankle

This is a slightly unusual strapping for ankles that we have had good results in the clinic with. It doesn’t replace ankle strapping for a

Ankle Strapping for the Stiff Ankle2017-09-20T16:55:26+10:00

Running Technique Changes to Help Niggles

Hip/knee/shin niggles when running? It may be time to consider a running technique tweak. You can’t cheat running load… only re-distribute it. In the video

Running Technique Changes to Help Niggles2017-09-20T16:55:14+10:00

3 Tips for Improving Shoulder Mobility

1. Improve Thoracic Extension; Shoulder mobility starts from good thoracic extension. We are losing thoracic extension because of our phone/desk/computer lifestyle. If you don’t have

3 Tips for Improving Shoulder Mobility2017-09-20T16:55:02+10:00

Ankle Sprain 101

1. “She’ll be right.” Don’t roll your ankle and say, she’ll be right. Yes, you will get better. Yes, the pain will ease. Yes, you

Ankle Sprain 1012017-09-20T16:54:46+10:00
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