Back & Neck

Back and neck pain can be scary. It can take your breathe away and make you feel quite fragile. We know how to reduce your pain, get your confidence back in moving and most importantly, get strong and stop it returning.

Weather you have done it playing sport, looking after the kids or just putting your socks on we can help rehab your back and avoid any scans, medications or surgeries.

What makes our back pain treatment different is we can both get you moving quickly but also get to the source of the problem. We need to assess things above and below the back that puts extra pressure on your back.

We use a combination of manual therapy, soft tissue work, gentle movements to reduce pain and restore movement. After that we use our great technology and rehab equipment to get you strong.

Back and Neck Conditions we Treat;

Back and neck pain can range from low grade annoying pain from day to day all the way up to excruciating take your breathe away symptoms. It’s important to get assessed and figure out the diagnosis and source.

Here is what we see most commonly at iMove Physio;

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Great Symptom Relief + Proper Rehab;

We value reducing your symptoms and getting you moving again so all the iMovers will use a combination of soft tissue work, massage and movements to get you going.

After that though we love helping our patients get stronger so they can feel confident in movement and stop their pain from coming back.

Because we take our rehab seriously we have invested in the latest tech which allows us to test the strength in your back and let us know exactly what and how much rehab to do.

This combined with all our clinics being equipped with great strength training equipment allows us to return to what you love doing with confidence.