Back Pain: Top 3 Tips - just hurt my back...

Back Pain is Scary. Here's what you should Know;

1. 90% of back pain is not serious - in other words, there is no permanent damage and you won't be like this forever.

2. Try to stick to your normal routine. Walking, swimming or even going to the gym. The take home message here is you will get better, quicker by sticking to your normal routine versus resting for 3-5 days.

3. Breathe. Laying on your back and performing 10-15 deep, slow and long breaths will relax you. It will also settle down some of the muscles around your back that go tight as a response to the pain you are in.

4. Find your direction preference. When you've just hurt your back and your experiencing back pain, it's important to remember, you will have a movement that feels easier. 

For some people that movement is arching backwards. If that feels good, keep doing that throughout the day. For other people it's bending forward and touching your toes or laying on your back and pulling your knees to your chest. Again, if that feels good, continue you it throughout the day.

5. Book in for Physio. Most back pain isn't serious in nature. What we mean by that is there is no permanent damage or long term implications. It is still worthwhile booking in to physio for an assessment, opinion and best management.

Management for your back pain at physio will look like an assessment, usually finding your directional preference. Secondly, we will perform some soft tissue techniques to have you feeling more comfortable and moving easier.

At that point, we will usually guide you with the best movements to perform at home to get you through the next 3-10 days. Once your pain has settled we will perform rehabilitation on your back so we can build your backs capacity to handle load and hopefully stop this from happening again.


Most acute back pain passes between 3-10 days. To help accelerate this process it is important to follow the advice above and keep moving as much as you can, follow your directional preference.

What Next?

It is important you work on getting your back stronger. If we can build capacity in your back muscles there is a great chance that you will reduce your episodes of future back pain.

Exercises can start from normal core exercises like a bridge and a plank and progress to lifting weights off the floor like a deadlift.

Our goal that everyone leaves our physio care with a stronger back then before they got injured.


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