Foot Strike for Runners

It's a big issue OR non-issue depending on how you view it. There is no 'best foot strike'... it is very individual, based on a [...]

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Ankle Sprains

Hayden Talks Ankle Sprains; “It’s just an ankle sprain?” Wrong. So often we see people presenting 3-6 weeks after they have rolled their ankle. The [...]

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Ankle Sprains

Stop treating your ankle sprain by saying, ‘it’s just an ankle sprain.”  We can do so much better. I know that feeling. You go over [...]

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Ankle Strapping for the Stiff Ankle

This is a slightly unusual strapping for ankles that we have had good results in the clinic with. It doesn’t replace ankle strapping for a [...]

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Ankle Sprain 101

1. “She’ll be right.” Don’t roll your ankle and say, she’ll be right. Yes, you will get better. Yes, the pain will ease. Yes, you [...]

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