Mitch Talks Deadlift Mobility

Why do I need a routine

The deadlift is a tough and technical move. It is a great move and a really good way to improve global strength. Done poorly though you can easily hurt yourself.

Get assessed

Everybody should get assessed so you know the most optimal mobility routine for you. Some people might have poor ankle mobility. Some people might have super tight hamstrings others may have loose wrists.

This will all impact what you should do before your more technical lifts.

The most common mistake

We see so many people who lift regularly just do the same old routine OR the same routine everyone else is doing. This is so wrong. Everyone has different restrictions and if you have an optimized 2-3min mobility set before a lift you will be so much better off.

Example; we see people who are really loose and hypermobile through the hips and shoulders STRETCH THEIR HIPS AND SHOULDERS. This makes no sense. Why would you make a loose joint looser? This is why everyone should get assessed and come away with 2-3 key things to work on.

This makes you more time efficient, will help your lifts and reduce injury risk.

The dowel exercise

This exercise is great for people who round early at the bottom half of the lift. Doing this drill before lifting will lengthen the hamstrings and therefore allow the pelvis and spine to stay neutral for longer.

It also isn’t too bad for people who are hypermobile or drop into the excessive back arch as a cue to stay in the neutral zone by feeling the contact points on the dowel. Again, everything needs to be specific to your body.

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