Looking to find out more about iMove Physio? Have a read through our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) below. If you can’t find what you are looking for then feel free to use the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or visit our contact us page.

We believe our prices are reflective of the value we bring to you in our consults. We provide a summary and management plan of your condition, a take-home exercise app and we use significant technology in our rehab process to make sure you get great results. Our initials are fully 1 on 1 and we don’t spend time handling 2 patients at once or even worse leaving you on machines and walking away OR even worse leaving you to exercise by yourself.

Initial consults range from $120 – $160 depending on the practitioner’s experience specialty and expertise.

Follow-up consults range from $105 – $130 depending on the practitioner’s experience specialty and expertise.

Most private health funds cover 30% – 60% of the consult fee depending on your level of coverage.

For Miranda Clinic and any EPC clients, we will be charging a $15 gap on all clients with an EPC from the doctor. “This is to maintain our high level of service and longer consults.” Also, a reminder that EPCs are not “free consults from the GP” as some patients frame but more so that the government rebates $55 – $60 of the consult and we ask for a $15 gap on top of that.

To find out the exact consult price, click through to the booking portal and your individual practitioner.

To make your journey as smooth as possible please bring any referrals from doctors, specialists or surgeons. If you have any scans or images of the relevant body part this will also help.

Please make sure you are in a comfortable and accessible clothing Eg – for a knees or ankles please bring shorts. Tops with access to shoulders is also helpful if you have a neck or shoulder condition. Please bring your runners or joggers if you have a lower limb condition.

No, you don’t need any referral to see a Physio. We are called primary care for this reason. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today.

Yes, we accept all insurance claims and treatments. Please bring your paperwork including insurer, case manager and case # to help. Currently, you do not pay us after treatment but we seek payment from the insurance company directly on your behalf.

EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Package) or 5 visits from your GP is usually given to you for chronic conditions. This means that medicare covers $52.95 of your sessions. As this does not cover the full rate for our length or quality of service we do charge a small gap on top of this.

At iMove Physio we will spend 45 minutes 1 on 1 in our initial and give you a diagnosis and a management plan. We also save time for treatment and 1-2 things to take home in the first consult.

We will often spend the first 3-4 visit reducing your pain and get you moving again with a combination of soft tissue work, massage, gentle movements and then slowly get intro strengthening.

After those initial sessions we will normally progress you through a range of strengthening exercises which can take anywhere between 3-12 weeks depending on your movement goals and what you would like to get back to.

It’s also important to recognise what we DON’T DO at iMove;

– We don’t leave you by yourself on a machine.

– We don’t leave you in the gym by yourself to do exercises poorly.

– We don’t treat multiple people at once.

We adopt an evidenced based and modern approach which means giving you 1-2 exercises to help yourself at home – we often give you a take home exercise app to help get you better.