Relive Your Tight Tight Hips – Mobility Set;

Why do I do this as a set?

Stretching is dead, ineffective and actually, reduces power. Rolling gives you a small mobility window without the detrimental power loss.

Once you have that mobility window from rolling you can then make that new mobility permanent by working out in that position.

Therefore rolling into the Cossack squat is a great way to permanently get ‘looser’ hips.

How do I use this?

We really like this for movement prep before a gym workout or Crossfit. This will give you increased hip mobility and help you keep proper form at the bottom of squats and deadlifts.

If you are super tight you could do this before a run, however, I like it as recovery after a run. I find when doing this post run I recover much quicker. Particularly helps after faster tempo runs or hill work.

Other Benefits

Aside from hip mobility and recovery, stiff hips have been linked to low back pain. Therefore, we will often prescribe this in the clinic to help people with chronic low back pain or stiff backs.

Where do I start

Gentle. If you can’t get into the first foam roller position you will need another option.

You can start with the Cossack and then try again.

It’s always best to get assessed by a physio first so you know where to start, how to progress and if it’s right for you.