The Balinese aren’t big on breakfast – this is us waiting for round 2.


Our Mission Statement: iMovers are an energetic and growth mindset team. We empower people to live better, move and improve. 

In 4 years we’ve gone from 2 staff in 1 location to 13 in 3 locations. It’s not the growth itself we are most proud of but the team and culture we are building and continue to build. This allows us to provide you with the very best care. When visiting the Rozelle clinic recently, I walked past a long time patient of iMove and what she said made me proudest of all and re-affirmed all the cultural things we do at iMove, “there’s just such a great vibe in there.”We aren’t the sexiest clinic – we don’t have beautiful, thousand dollar, glass treatment rooms and $20,000 treadmills but that’s because we invest fully into our staff, team and culture. This February the whole iMove crew went to Bali and these were the highlights;


We got off to a rough start on our 2nd annual iMove Retreat. We waited at the airport for 4 hours as we were told we had a delay leaving (landing gear or something?)… we didn’t think anything of it… classic ShitStar right? Then 5 hours then 6 hours… then after dinner and drinks at Sydney airport, we spent more money than the actual flights to Bali. Eventually our flight was cancelled….. We transferred to another flight the next day, only problem was it was Via Melbourne… which meant we spent all the following day in the airport as well…We begun day 1 of Retreat from Melbourne airport going over each others personality profiling from gate 3 of the domestic lounge…Nothing like adversity to build team culture…We finally arrived in Bali and had another 2 hour wait to collect our bags… The baggage handler, of which there was only one, would only load 2 bags at a time… hence he earned the name from the iMove team “2 Bag Bob”…. Being Physio’s we deduced he had some form of chronic back painIt’s about midnight on day 2 of our retreat and we still haven’t left the airport… Our really big bag with all our material, whiteboards, journals etc in it hasn’t shown up… “2 bag Bob” had gone home and the staff were telling us it was probably still in Melbourne…

6 hours in the airport, 1 cancelled flight, a 4 hour stop over in Melbourne and a 2 hour wait at Denpasar… Patty from iMove Rozelle felt like a lay down on the floor of Denpasar airport… 36 hours into iMove Retreat.


It was the very first year we picked an iMove MVP. Someone who represents everything we strive for on a day to day basis. This year the award went to Hayden Garner from Miranda clinic – this is now, and will be forever known as, “THE HAYDOS”.

This guy did so many professional development courses, stayed back to see patients late, went out and met many of our movement partners and never waivered.  He embodied what it means to be an iMover and many of the core values mentioned belowWe vote on the Haydos. Every week each team member gives 3 points out to the other iMovers based on who held up to our core values best that week…. so far Mitch from iMove Panania leads The 2018 Haydos…


Core Values keep the iMovers true to the cause of providing you the very best health professional team in Australia.

GROWTH – We are a growth mindset team – we are always challenging ourselves to be better, learn more, work smarter and harder, rest smarter and harder, meditate, deep breathe, educate, exercise, be better time managers, diarise, journal, time block. We expect the same of our clients – we will challenge you, so you can challenge yourself. No health care team in Australia takes in as much new, latest, evidenced based information on a weekly basis to get you better quicker… we take growth seriously.

T.F.C – Team, Family, Community – We are a team. This comes with all the good thoughts you conjure up when you think team. But also, a healthy team, can look each other in the eye and say “hey, this can be done better, let’s work on it.”.

We are a family – we spend 2 hours every week together learning, we close 1 day every month and hangout, we have taco Tuesdays at my place, we have gins on Sundays, we go get chicken from El Jannahs together. We do this because when we support each other we can serve you better.Lastly, we love being in the community, it is an expectation of an iMover to train in the local community, weather its CrossFit, the local ParkRun or hitting up a local medical centre for an education centre, we will be there. We try to hire locally. Because at the end of the day you want to “go somewhere where the people know your name”.

EMPOWER – Again, we close all the clinics for 2 hours every week to learn off each other. All clinics come to the one location, every week, a massive effort. On top of that, each clinic blocks out their own 40 minutes every week to practice and learn off each other.

13 brains are better than 1. We empower each other by sharing our knowledge, experiences and courses. We can empower our patients better because of this. When our patients have our knowledge they get better quicker.

BFN – Be Fucking Nice – This is our tongue in cheek core value. We are real. We swear. We don’t wear suits and ties or take ourselves too seriously. We are the most knowledgeable team and we are professional – professional isn’t mutually exclusive to fun. Let’s be real, there are more serious things than hamstring tears. We are so lucky to be in a profession where we get to have fun with our patients.TRUST – After personality testing, we told each other how we thought we could communicate better to help the team. This is not an easy thing to say, “yes, this is my personality type, I suck at this, I want to be better.” It requires trust. To get to this trust you have to be vulnerable. After sharing some very personal stories, like our lifetime highlights and hardships (and many tears) we were able to trust each other fully. We expect our patients to trust us fully. We will ask some very hard questions. These questions are a gateway to why you may not be getting better, why you don’t have enough time in your day to do exercises, why you might be stressed and not sleeping and not healing – these are the things that matter to us to get you better.

Don’t trust the Balinese rafting guy… he didn’t do the personality testing with us.


When I left uni I remember reading an article that said Physio’s only last 6-7 years. That’s pretty poor considering we study for 5 years. I get it though… it’s a mentally and physically tough job. We also realised that there is no ladder progression. Once you’re a physio, in 20 years… you’re still a physio. You get better, yes, but the title/status doesn’t change. We wanted to create something outside of physio that the iMovers could work on and develop other passions and skill sets… doing this would in turn improve energy, drive, and the studies show us – be better and more engaged at work.Enter the Shark Tank…. Each physio created a side business / side hustle. You can already start to follow Hilly on Instagram @ “go long with hilly” this is where she blogs her experience of being in a long distance relationship.Haydos is creating an E-book for Crossfitters, Colin Wong will be blogging about his financial experiences with super and shares and how bloody tough it is being at the start of career with $100,000 uni debt. I’ll be uber driving and filming the whole process.

Why this is important for you…. And us.

When we started iMove we knew we wanted to be different. We knew that health professionals were burnt out, seeing too many patients, seeing multiple patients at once, not learning, getting tired and stale and bored… We wanted to find a way to build a healthy team, family and culture. We wanted to find a way to serve our patients better… We wanted the most educated, professional and fun team in Australia… We realised we could only do this if we looked after ourselves and the iMovers better…. so they could look after you better.No we don’t have the most beautiful equipment, multi million-dollar fit out with all the bells and whistles… but we are  consistently investing in our education, team and culture… and this means you get the best of us, so we can give the best to you.