Knee Pain: The Problem Middle Child


Our knees can get irritated or grumpy in a period of increased load. This could be from work, from running or a combination of both. The stronger our knees are the less likely they are to get irritated.

The video below show Daniel Stack from iMove Physio Panania explaining another element of knee pain. Often it can experience more load and get more irritated if the joints above and below aren't working well.

Whilst the obvious solution is to settle the knee down with soft tissue work and rest and then build it back up again. Often we forget to consider the impact of a poor working hip and ankle on our knee. 



With the right combination of skilled soft tissue work, mobilisations, strapping, movement and exercise we would expect your symptoms to settle in 7-10 days.

After that settling period when you feel your knee pain is starting to ease up, that's where the real physio begins. We need 8-12 weeks to strengthen up the muscles around your knee and there are several exercises for that;
- Squat
- Single leg squat
- Deadlift
- Bridges

This exercises should be selected by your physio and will take close monitoring and progressing. If we get this right we can have your knees feeling bulletproof.

What's going on above and below my knee?

We know if the hip muscles aren't strong then we can take more load through our knee with daily tasks like stairs, lifting or going for a run. It is important to have a very strong hip complex if you have experienced knee niggles.

Secondly, we also understand that if we have stiff or poor functioning ankles that this can also send unwanted forces or unwanted movements up towards the knee.

Getting a thorough assessment of both these areas is crucial if you have knee pain. You can see that getting an irritated knee better is about considering the whole chain not just the knee.


1. Don't go for imaging. Most knee pain doesn't require scans.
2. Ask yourself, have you done 8-12 weeks of hip and knee strength work.
3. Check in with your local health professional to get assessed globally.
4. Start 8-12 weeks of graded strength work.


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