iMove Rozelle Physio, Bridget Burns show us her lower back and hip flow. Lower back and hip stiffness can strike at anytime for several reasons. Often a poor sleep can have you feeling stiff upon waking. Poor sleep = Poor recovery and therefore you will wake up a little stiff and tight around these areas.

Other reasons may be increasing your load weather it be walking, running or even heavier gym days. When we do this we are liable to wake up feeling a bit stiff the next morning.

This flow is ideal for morning or recovery stiffness. Bridget runs through several stretches and movements which target all the right hip and back muscles. It’s a great way to start your day or even warm up for a run/gym session.

For an acute episode of hip and back pain we would recommend seeing your local iMove Physio in Rozelle, Miranda or Panania. When this happens you need a thorough assessment and to find out what your movement preference might be.

Once you have found your movement preference we will tailor a program for you that may involve some or all of these movements. Again, do not start this flow if you are in acute pain. Come through for an assessment so we can make sure it’s the right series of movements for you.

When in acute pain it is important to be prescribed a series of movements like this early on. Often patients will still take a sedentary approach like not working, walking, exercising for the first 3 – days. Unfortunately the evidence does not support this approach.

The best approach for acute back pain is continue to move inside what you can tolerate. Motion is lotion. In other words motion will get you better, faster. Alternatively doing nothing can extend your rehab time. Doing noting will atrophy the muscles in your back. Doing nothing means you will be out of what you love doing for longer.

First visit after an acute episode will normally be establishing what caused the pain, what movements you can do comfortably and then a tailored program for the next 3-5 days. Once you have completed 3-5 days without a flare up then we will progress your exercises and function. The golden rule is you should still move or function along as it is equal to or less than 3/10 pain AND you aren’t sorer the next day. By applying these rules we will remain inside your tolerance levels and get you out of pain sooner.

Next time you have an acute episode of back or hip pain, get in to see your local iMove physio as soon as you can. We will have you moving sooner and back to what you like doing sooner.