Online Consultation


Why an online consultation?

We completely understand that sometimes you may not be able to attend one of our clinics for a variety of reasons. We now offer online consultations that allow you to access our unique & elite brand of physiotherapy treatment from the comfort of your home or work.

Online consultations provide an avenue to achieve the same results when you’re unable to attend our clinics, and put you in much more control of your own recovery. Research has shown that outcomes can be better through online consultation, due to the empowering nature of the system.

Who is it for?

Online consultations are useful for many conditions:

  • Neck pain due to working from home
  • Acute and chronic low back pain
  • Shoulder pain, including rotator cuff tears & bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Operative patients, especially if your surgery is cancelled
  • Acute injuries due to over-training

How does it work?

After booking, one of our physiotherapists will be in touch to help you get set up and arrange payment. All you need is a mobile phone or laptop!

As a unique way of doing things, we offer online consultations via a tiered contribution system ($59, $79, $99). There’s no difference between the tiers, but we understand people may be impacted financially. If you would like to make a different level or kind of contribution, please let us know.

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