Overhead Mobility – Shoulder Release

Before you go?

Make sure you need this. Too often we see people with loose shoulders stretching and cranking on their arm when it is actually the last thing they need. Generally, if you have a hypermobile shoulder you should focus on strengthening and stabilisation drills. As always, book in to see your local iMove Physio Miranda to know where to start.

This video is for people with stiff shoulders who struggles to go over the head and achieve front rack positions in the gym.

You can refer to this video to see if you have a ‘tight’ or ‘loose’ shoulder.

Test, Re-Test

As always make sure you test a simple arms raise overhead or an overhead push. Then execute this drill. Then re-test. If you feel lighter, more mobile or the movement feels easier then generally this will be something that helps.

3. Anti-Inflamms and Rest?

No, no, no. Anti-Inflams have the ability to reduce swelling, get you back quicker however some studies have shown that they can reduce the integrity of the ligament at around 4-6 weeks. Right when you’re returning to sport. So they might make you feel better, quicker however going back to soon with poor ligament integrity and no strength training is a recipe for disaster.

Who will this benefit

If you have slightly rounded shoulders from desk work, a stiff neck or upper back, or you get the occasional shoulder impingement.

People who are stiff in those areas classically are stiff overhead and without the right mobility will cause impingement. We strongly recommend you perform this drill with a thoracic extension before going overhead.

Not sure where to start?

Please watch our other content or book in online for a shoulder assessment at Miranda, Panania or Rozelle.