Body Fusion is a private Sydney based Nutrition and Dietetic practice run by Ashleigh Brunner (owner) B.Sci (Nutrition) (Hons), B.App.Sci (Exercise and Sports Science) and Katrina Mills B.Sci (Physiology), Masters of Nutrition & Dietetics. Ashleigh is an experienced Dietitian who specialises in a wide spectrum of diet related issues for all ages, from children through to adults. Ashleigh is a Sports Dietitian who has also taught students at the Australian Institute of Fitness and Australian College of Physical Education. Katrina is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Nutritionist who helps clients realise their health goals through nutrition, assisting to improve their relationship with food. Body Fusion aims to provide each client with simple and sustainable individual nutrition solutions that fit together with their goals, be it to lose or gain weight, optimise sporting performance or manage a medical condition.


We are proud to work with Plus Fitness at our iMove Panania Physio Clinic. They are an excellent option for iMovers who require rehabilitation particularly post surgery. The equipment is perfect if you are coming back from things like shoulder reconstruction, knee surgery or achilles repair.

As a member you will enjoy:

  • Latest range of strength & cardio equipment
  • No lock-in contracts
  • 24hr Access, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Access to any Plus Fitness 24/7 Australia wide
  • Free fitness assessments & personalised programs
  • Free membership time hold
  • Friendly environment and staff

ALL for only $13 per week with NO HIDDEN FEES!


Are you a fan of running, a health professional or a trainer? If so, The Running Clinic™ has been created for you. Established by Blaise Dubois this independent website is a must in the prevention of running injuries. It provides you with advice from pros as well as direct access to a range of resources needed to become a connoisseur in the running field. Ongoing training, information capsules, scientific information, biomechanical analysis, and more… you will be satisfied whether you are a trainee or an expert.


CrossFit Agilis has NO treadmills or big complex machines. Our methodology of training involves you lifting bars, flipping tires, squats, jumping on boxes, throwing balls, climbing ropes, doing pull ups, running and moving effectively, efficiently and safely. Our training is fun, explosive, exciting, functional, constantly varied and performed in a class environment. We provide you with the skills and education you need to make your life the best and healthiest it can be!


BareVitality is a personal training / health coaching business specialising is women’s health. We take a holistic approach to our training to rebalance the body and allow it to run to the best of its ability using a range of different training methods- functional training, core conditioning, yoga & pilates style methods, cardio boxing, kettle bell training. You can visit us & our blog here:



KX Pilates Balmain fuses elements of traditional reformer pilates with cardio and endurance training so you get the a full body high intensity workout in just 50 minutes Balmain fuses elements of traditional reformer pilates with cardio and endurance training so you get the a full body high intensity workout in just 50 minutes.


Fast and friendly circuit training to get you back into shape. Have fun exercising and connecting with people of all different ages and ability. There are F45 gyms across Sydney. A special offer offer for all friends of iMove Physio: Mention iMove to receive your initial session complimentary.


Now in its fifth consecutive year, the Centennial Park Ultra Marathon is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most iconic ultra marathons. Enter as an individual in the 50km or 100km events, or team up and go the distance with friends. It is the perfect race preparation for those participating in the Oxfam Trailwalker (3 weeks) or Sydney Marathon (6 weeks). Click the links for Event entry and info. Stay on top of all updates on the CP Ultra Facebook page!


Runlab was born out of a desire to enable runners of all abilities the chance to better understand their running, be challenged and over time improve and become a faster runner. For those who are relatively new to running or who are trying to improve their running, the task of understanding what to do and who to ask is overwhelming in itself, so Runlab was created. Runlab will help you “Achieve your impossible”.


Proud sponsors of the Wests Boomers Baseball Club. Providing a fun and exciting environment to play baseball in Sydney’s Inner West. Perfect for people of all ages and skill levels, get active and get involved today.