Cricket season has begun. Adrian from iMove Physiotherapy Miranda, with the help of Matt from Gymea Bay Cricket Club, show us how to perfect your pace bowling with these tips to increase your cricketing performance, speed and prevent injury.

Having adequate extension through our upper back at the to top of your bowling action (prior to release) allows for increased performance and bowling speed. As well as injury prevention by reducing stress placed on the shoulder to attain a faster delivery.

Always pre-test before the exercise, either with a run through of your bowling action or a prone superman.

• Place the roller across your upper back (between your shoulder blades)
• Interlock your hand behind your neck for support.
• Start with your elbows together and slowly open up through the chest.
• Spend 30 seconds on 3 tight spots on the upper to mid back with a 10to 15 seconds rest in between sets.
• Make sure to re-test your improved bowling action!

Check in with a physiotherapist if an area is habitually getting tight or niggly.