Focus on your Rehabilitation

Looking to get fit and have fun while working out? iMove Physio provides pilates classes that will improve your flexibility, strength and posture. Our instructors will run you through a routine of exercises and movement patterns to promote muscle engagement and functioning. Have fun and feel great, we have classes available across Sydney, so get in touch today.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an enjoyable fitness regime which focuses on increasing core strength and developing your flexibility. It takes a holistic approach using controlled flowing movements and precise breathing patterns. Pilates is regularly used in rehabilitation and training programs. It retrains and restores optimal musculoskeletal function by promoting healthy neuromuscular movement patterns to alleviate pain and prevent further injury.

The benefits:

You will feel yourself become stronger, have more sculpted muscles and a greater range of movement. Pilates actively normalises and integrates muscle recruitment patterns and rebuilds efficiency in normal movement and function for the entire body. Here are a range of benefits it promotes:

  • Increase flexibility and muscle strength
  • Improve posture and abdominal control
  • Reduce back, joint and muscular pain
  • Improve balance, coordination and circulation
  • Correct muscle imbalances
  • Regulate breathing techniques
  • Feel mentally and physically rejuvenated
  • Improve and compliment sport performance
  • Prevent and rehabilitate injury

Is it for me?

Pilates is for men and women of all ages and physical ability. Our instructors will work closely with you to help you achieve correct posture and technique during the workout. We will tailor exercises and programs to meet your skill level. Whether you are experienced at Pilates or looking to join your first class, we would love to have you along. If you have any questions about our classes then fell free to give us a call. To make an appointment simply contact one of our practices today.