Adrian Talks Rotator Cuff

Although there haven’t been studies comparing a sham repairs vs. repairs of the rotator cuff. There is definitely good evidence to suggest the effects of surgery might be a placebo.

Recent MRI studies comparing people with and without shoulder pain showed that up to 96% of people without shoulder pain had rotator cuff tears. Hence raising questions as to whether a cuff tear is the cause of shoulder.

A 2015 review of rotator cuff surgery in the U.K. showed 2 years post surgery almost 50% of individuals had re-torn their cuff. However, function and quality of life at the 2 years follow up was NO DIFFERENT between individuals who had an intact or re-torn cuff. Raising further questions about the PLACEBO effect of surgery.

Before considering, this is a really important question to ask your doctor and equally important to know that PHYSIOTHERAPY is as effective as surgery and comes in at a fraction of the cost (financial, psychological and lost time).