Bridget – Runners Strengthening

Who should use this?

Every runner. It’s a great baseline strength drill which targets glute medius, anterior core, and quads. These are the muscles we use in running which help keep a strong stable base for our legs to generate power around.

As we get fatigued our pelvis and low back start to move more and this creates inefficiencies for our leg muscles that we need to propel us. Instead of the leg muscles just driving us forward they start to help out higher up the chain.

Therefore, keeping our stabilizing muscles strong can help keep us in good form for longer and keep our leg muscles driving us forward.


Start with just single leg stance and moving the band away from the midline. You will feel this in both lateral hips. This is glute medius working hard to keep your pelvis neutral.

Once you feel like you are strong and steady in that position start to add a mini single leg squat. Only go a quarter depth. Still nailing it? Hold that quarter depth position for 3-5 seconds.

Need more!? Add 5-10% of your body weight either in your hands or in a backpack.

Why is this awesome?

We see way too many runners who don’t do strength work. We see way too many runners who do strength work, not in standing. We say way too many runners who do strength work on 2 legs.

We love this drill because it is on a single leg, it emulates the running action and it challenges the muscles you use in running.

Where do I start?

We always recommend you get assessed by a physio to know where to start and how to progress for YOUR body and YOUR goals.

If you want to give this a crack at home it is fairly safe but start without weight trailing just 3 sets of 6 each side. Give yourself a day or two to feel what muscles that worked and if you’re all good slowly build up the reps. Then, after a week you can add some weight.

Need help?

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