Walk, Jog, Run

Our iMove Physio clinics in Rozelle, Panania and Miranda are best positioned to help you with all your running related injuries and niggles. Over the last four years we have developed our own running assessment which looks at all the variables which will help you become a faster, stronger, more efficient and injury free runner. We measure Cadence, Foot Strike, Over-Stride, Vertical Oscillation, Ground Reaction Force and Leg Stiffness. Check out our extensive video library to help runners.

Perfect Your Technique

If you regularly feel niggles, are constantly injured or just want to run to your potential then visit iMove for a run consult today. You will ‘run’ away with a detailed plan and set of exercises to help you become a great runner. Whether you are training for the City to Surf, the Sydney Running Festival or a casual run around the park we can help. We are your Sydney physiotherapy running team.


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