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Dealing with a tennis injury?

If you have an injury or have been dealing with pain on or off the tennis court Roy can help. He is an experienced physiotherapist at our iMove Rozelle Physiotherapy clinic who specialises in dealing with tennis specific injuries.

Roy has put together a library of resources below to help remove your pain, restore your movement and improve your performance.

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Tennis exercise videos

Roy Chan Physio Rozelle Balmain

About Roy Chan

Roy Chan is a physiotherapist, tennis coach and tennis enthusiast. He has worked with a wide variety of players from beginner to international level, helping them to manage their bodies and perform at their best. He has previously worked as a physiotherapist at Tennis Australia tournaments as well.

Roy has combined his expertise in the game of tennis, the latest technology and research in rehabilitation to design The iMove Tennis Physio Consult – a unique service to deliver the best care for injured players.

In addition to treating in the clinic, Roy currently coaches at Birchgrove Tennis. Whilst his playing days for the Sydney Uni Lawn Tennis Club and AMTs are over, he is always up for a match, especially when his patients challenge him to one.

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