1. Improve Thoracic Extension

Shoulder mobility starts from good thoracic extension. We are losing thoracic extension because of our phone/desk/computer lifestyle. If you don’t have good upper back mobility you won’t have good shoulder mobility.

If your upper back has more mobility it will give your shoulder joint much, much more room to move. This allows a fuller range of motion perform pinching or ‘impinging’ the structures in the shoulder. A nice example of this is standing with your back against the wall and lifting your arm above your head. You will notice that because the wall is blocking your back you can’t get very far. This is a similar process to what would happen if you get very stiff in your upper back. You lose shoulder range and that’s when issues start.

2. Pec Minor Stretch

This muscle gets tight particularly in office workers. When this muscle is tight you will get an anterior tilt of your shoulder blade. Again, this will decrease the room you have to move when going overhead and pre-disposing you to impingement.

You can also see Pec Minor release if the stretch feels a little uncomfortable. Some people don’t like cranking on their shoulder so ease into this or work on the release instead.

3. Triceps Stretch

When freeing up the triceps you will feel lighter when lifting your arm above your head.

Remember never perform mobility drills unless you know you need them. Often people who are already ‘loose’ in the shoulder will stretch when there is no need. You don’t want to make a hyper mobile shoulder even ‘looser’. Often these people will need stability drills.

Get assessed so you know what is right for you.

As always Book Online for shoulder assessment if you aren’t sure what is right for you.