Diastasis Belly Separation

Diastasis is when the the abdominal wall separates to accommodate your growing bub. It is a normal process and nothing to be alarmed about. It is more something to be aware of. In the video below Ivana shows you how to self assess in different positions.

Why it matters

It can affect your return to exercise. It can cause pain around the pubis or back. It can cause stress incontinence or even pain during sex. On the other hand some women have large separation but no symptoms. Every individual is different.

What type of help

Depending on the size and your symptoms the help you receive can be varied. It may be something simple like exercises. You may require a brace. Or you may require a very specific form of ultra sound guided pelvic floor and core training. The key here is to get assessed so we know what we are working with.

Our Goal

Is to get you back to what your were doing pre-natally as quick as possible. Unfortunately, we see women 6-12 months post birth and they are still having pains around their back or stress incontinence. Often all they needed was a consult to save them all that grief. Please come through before and after birth so we can get you on track.