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Women’s Health



What is Women’s Health Physio?

If you are pregnant, have recently had a baby, are planning to have a family or are experiencing some women’s health issues then we can help! Here at iMove we love helping women to continue to be active and strong through all stages of their life! 

Everyone is always telling everyone to go to a women’s health physiotherapist but often people don’t really know what we do! We help treat and manage a range of conditions including helping women through their pregnancies, postnatal return to exercise, pelvic girdle pain, incontinence and diastasis recti. Our 1 on 1 consultations ensure you receive the best physiotherapy treatment tailored to your condition. 

To find out more about women’s health physiotherapy and our team you can watch this video, or explore our content below! We look forward to helping you.

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Women’s Health Physiotherapy Team

You can meet our iMove women’s health physiotherapy team below. Our experienced team has successfully treated thousands of locals and can’t wait to help you. You can book online for an appointment by clicking any of the book online buttons or by calling our clinic directly – it only takes 3 mins.

Laura Hill
Laura Hill Physiotherapist
Laura helps our women’s health patients at Rozelle.
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Madison Cutmore
Madison CutmorePhysiotherapist
Madison helps our women’s health patients at Clovelly.
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Kelly Jones
Kelly JonesPhysiotherapist
Kelly Laura helps our women’s health patients at Panania.
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Common Women’s Health Conditions We Treat

FAQs About Women’s Health Physio

This involves treating issues related to pelvic floor, incontinence, pain around the back, hips or SIJ or any pre or postnatal concerns such as Diastasis Recti (Belly Separation) or just wanting the best advice on how and when to exercise before and after your delivery.

At iMove Physio we do a very thorough history and assessment of the key muscles around your belly, back and pelvic floor. These all work together to keep you functioning well. It’s important to note that we do not perform internal exams.

Most women’s health conditions do not require an internal exam to improve with the right advice and rehab. If we feel you do need to get an internal exam or ultrasound we will refer you on to the very best in this area.

Assess how you are functioning and give you a diagnosis and a clear time frame back to health is our priority. We can also advise on your current exercise level and what exercises you need to do to get back to 100% healthy and happy.

Along the way we may advise on certain braces or supports to help like Belly braces, SIJ braces or recovery pants.

Each of our clinics works the very best in women’s health care and recovery. Each clinic is linked to women’s health training classes, mums groups and specialised health professions for further women’s health care.

We also sponsor amazing local communities like Inner West Mums, Mums of the Shire and Eastern Suburbs mums so we can provide free content to the local community and mums in need.

All of the iMovers have done further education in women’s health and women health specific training and exercise. On top of this we have been through Julie Wiebe PT’s women’s health course who is a globally recognised women’s health expert. So, whoever you see at iMove you will get the same standard of care.

If you would like to see a female specifically we can recommend Laura Hill at iMove Physio Rozelle, Emma Lyon at iMove Physio Panania and iMove Physio Miranda and Madison Cutmore at iMove Physio Clovelly.


[Updated June 2020]
Essential tips and exercises to help you navigate your pregnancy and address common issues. 
Written by  Laura & Maddy, Women's Health Physio's at iMove.

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