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Women’s health physio requires specialised care that is tailored to the individual. Our team of experienced Physio’s provide thorough womens health checks to determine what treatment options will best suit you. We will work with you 1 on 1 to achieve your goals and improve your health. Read a little more about what we do and how womens health has changed…

. Kegals Don’t Work:

The old advice of just “switch on your pelvic floor” or “just do Kegals” is old, outdated and not in line with best practice. We know to get you back to your best, stop incontinence or help with your belly separation that we have to do more. Considering how all the muscles work together, the position they work from and how your diaphragm works with your pelvic floor is key.

We now know that most pelvic floor issues are actually from it being ‘overactive’ or too ‘switched on’. What we actually need is a pelvic floor that can be controlled slowly on and off. As well as this, it needs to be controlled whilst other key muscles like your diaphragm are working. You can start to see why just gripping on your pelvic floor won’t cut it.

. Pre – Natal Screening:

By performing a thorough screening and assessment we make sure you are doing all the right things going into your pregnancy and delivery. This might be advice on general exercise, the best supports/braces to wear or even specific core exercises to help with your back and pelvis. We know that every week of exercise you do before, helps you tremendously after.

. Post – Natal Screening:

Once your are post natal there is a whole new set of challenges. Often your body is a little weaker and you now have to carry bub around with you. We can help give you a plan to return to your normal self. With graded strength training we will make sure you get back to exercise and previous fitness levels as soon and as safe as possible. This will help you prevent injury and return stronger.

This service is particularly useful if you have had a diastasis (abdominal separation) which requires a more careful and graded return to exercise, running or just being a mum.

We also provide help and advice with:

  • Headaches
  • Nutrition
  • Bone health
  • Exercise levels
  • Exercise induced incontinence

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FAQs about Women’s Health Physio

iMove Physiotherapy

This involves treating issues related to pelvic floor, incontinence, pain around the back, hips or SIJ or any pre or postnatal concerns such as Diastasis Recti (Belly Separation) or just wanting the best advice on how and when to exercise before and after your delivery.

At iMove Physio we do a very thorough history and assessment of the key muscles around your belly, back and pelvic floor. These all work together to keep you functioning well. It’s important to note that we do not perform internal exams.

Most women’s health conditions do not require an internal exam to improve with the right advice and rehab. If we feel you do need to get an internal exam or ultrasound we will refer you on to the very best in this area.

Assess how you are functioning and give you a diagnosis and a clear time frame back to health is our priority. We can also advise on your current exercise level and what exercises you need to do to get back to 100% healthy and happy.

Along the way we may advise on certain braces or supports to help like Belly braces, SIJ braces or recovery pants.

Each of our clinics works the very best in women’s health care and recovery. Each clinic is linked to women’s health training classes, mums groups and specialised health professions for further women’s health care.

We also sponsor amazing local communities like Inner West Mums, Mums of the Shire and Eastern Suburbs mums so we can provide free content to the local community and mums in need.

All of the iMovers have done further education in women’s health and women health specific training and exercise. On top of this we have been through Julie Wiebe PT’s women’s health course who is a globally recognised women’s health expert. So, whoever you see at iMove you will get the same standard of care.

If you would like to see a female specifically we can recommend Laura Hill at iMove Physio Rozelle, Alex Burgess at iMove Physio Panania and iMove Physio Miranda and Madison Cutmore at iMove Physio Clovelly.

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