NDIS Physio Rozelle

NDIS Physiotherapy Rozelle

Reduce Pain & Restore Movement. 

How we can help you:

We service plan-managed, NDIS patients, and NDIS self-managed.

  • Improve you ability to access the community by building up your walking endurance.
  • Improve muscle function by using a tailored exercise program to reduce the deterioration your disability is causing.
  • Prevent strength and conditioning deterioration.
  • Get you in the pool to do Hydrotherapy exercises.
  • Do Clinical Pilates and exercise sessions with you to get you stronger to be able to complete your activities of daily living, easier.
  • Providing dietary guidance, education and meal plans to assist your disability.

iMove Physio Rozelle

Josh Farbenblum
Josh FarbenblumPhysiotherapist
Josh is an experienced physiotherapist who enjoys working with Shoulder, Back, and Knee Injuries. He has extensive experience in prehab and rehab before and after surgeries and has helped hundreds of people with Chronic and Persistent pain.
Courtney Raffaele
Courtney RaffaelePhysiotherapist
Courtney is a true inner westie, living in Forest Lodge her whole life, playing in local sporting teams and working in the Balmain area.
Roy Chan
Roy ChanPhysiotherapist
Roy is experienced in conditions of the neck, shoulder, and forearms. Also playing and coaching Tennis and Oztag at a high level he understands the demands on knee and ankle injuries.
Latest iMove Physio News 

At iMove Physio understand that injuries, pain and discomfort suck. We also know that the road to recovery can be a difficult one. That is why the iMove team put together weekly articles to help with a range of conditions our patients experience. These articles include tips and exercises that can be done from the comfort of your home to alleviate pain and help your recovery.