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Our team of dedicated professionals provide exceptional 1 on 1 treatment to get you back performing at your peak. Each iMove Physiotherapist has had extensive training and industry experience. Our team will provide you with a detailed diagnosis of your condition, a tailored rehabilitation program and performance optimisation steps. We will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage and improve your condition. Come and meet our friendly team today.


Bridget Burns bridget.burns@imovephysio.com.au
Bridget Burns bridget.burns@imovephysio.com.auPhysiotherapist
Bridget is our Principal Physio at iMove Rozelle.

Bridget brings with her experience and knowledge in multiple sporting areas including basketball, netball, water polo and rugby union. She has previously worked with Sydney University Rugby. Bridget runs iMove’s Pilates program and is a DMA Clinical Pilates qualified instructor. She takes particular interest in injuries of the lower limb, tendonitis in active populations and is formally trained in iMove Run Consult to make you a stronger, more efficient and injury free runner.

On the weekends you will find Bridget swimming and visiting her roots back in Wagga Wagga.

You can book online for a Physio consult with Bridget 5 days a week at iMove Rozelle Clinic

Colin Wong colin.wong@imovephysio.com.au
Colin Wong colin.wong@imovephysio.com.auPhysiotherapist
Colin is our ‘triple threat’ Rozelle physio and has come to us all the way from Canada. Triple threat because he has worked at all 3 iMove Physio clinics. Colin studied Kinesiology in Canada which makes him particularly knowledgable in the areas of biomechanics and movement. Colin excels at helping you with your training weather it be circuit, lifting heavy or running.

Professional development has included working with surgeons in orthopaedic seminars. ACL rehabilitation courses peaked his interest and now he has been formally educated in the iMove Run Consult to make you a stronger, more efficient and injury free runner.

Due to his recent battle with tendonitis Colin now considers himself a ‘guru’ in that field weather it is achilles or tennis elbow.

Patrick McNamara patrick.mcnamara@imovephysio.com.au
Patrick McNamara patrick.mcnamara@imovephysio.com.auPhysiotherapist
This photo perfectly sums up our running physio Patrick McNamara. He embodies everything running. A qualified run coach who has worked with CanToo helping runners of all abilities from starting out to marathon distance.

Soft tissue work at Sydney FC and working as a running shoe specialist at running science for the last 3 years we are super proud to bring Pat to the team. He is skilled in lower limb tendon issues, shin issues as well as hip and knee pain.

Pat also loves furthering himself in the emerging field of pain science which means if you have had something niggling for more than 3 months then he is the man to see.

Recent highlights include City2Surf, The Tarawera Marathon, Ocean Swims and Triathlon means Pat loves coaching and guiding you to your next event.

You can book online anytime for a physio appointment with Pat at iMove Physio Rozelle.

Laura Hill laura.hill@imovephysio.com.au
Laura Hill laura.hill@imovephysio.com.auPhysiotherapist
Laura is a keen netballer and gym goer. Because of this, she is fantastic at handling lower limb injuries and power performance needs. She enjoys detailed rehab to get you “better than pre-injury status” or improve your game.

She has a specialist interest in Diastasis (separation of belly after birth) and helping expectant mums get through pregnancy as comfortable as possible. She also loves getting active mums back into ‘it’, when they are ready, after birth.

Laura uses a multitude of manual therapy techniques to get you moving better and then will get you into the gym so you can get stronger, preventing future injury and also enhancing performance.

Mike Engelsman mike.engelsman@imovephysio.com.au
Mike Engelsman mike.engelsman@imovephysio.com.auMassage Therapist
Mike is our outstanding massage therapist at iMove Physio Rozelle. He brings with him years of experience treating athletes in many roles. He has worked as a RunLab and CanToo running coach. He is also physical education teacher and enjoys biomechanical assessment of all athletes.

If you need a regular maintenance massage, recovery or preparation for an event Mike can provide both remedial and sports massages with a combination of deep tissue, flushing, and active release techniques.

While you’re here, feel free to chat with Mike about any running issues you are having and he can help get you to your goals.

Mike offers 30-minute and 60-minute massages. You can book online anytime for a physio appointment with Mike at iMove Physio Rozelle.


Mitch Heiser mitch.heiser@imovephysio.com.au
Mitch Heiser mitch.heiser@imovephysio.com.auPhysiotherapist
Mitch started in early 2017 with the iMove Physio Panania team. He is our go to physio for movement and performance. He developed this skill set after helping run his brothers gym in Padstow, CrossFit Supremacy.

Mitch has his own movement assessment and squat assessment to help you beat injury or improve performance. Once this is done he can recommend modifications to keep you going longer and stronger.

Mitch enjoys sporting injuries as he has enjoyed a long soccer career. This combined with being trained in iMove Physio’s run specialist consult makes him a good choice for any running niggles or lower limb injuries.

Due to his background with soccer and CrossFit Mitch has developed his expertise in the knee and shoulder. Contact Mitch today for an appointment at iMove Panania.

Daniel Stack daniel.stack@imovephysio.com.au
Daniel Stack daniel.stack@imovephysio.com.auPhysiotherapist
Daniel has 4.5 years of excellent physiotherapy experience in both the clinical and sports physio roles. He is physio to the A-League referees and has become proficient in helping people in fast paced, directional sports get back to peak performance.

In his career, he has taken up further education in the diagnosis and rehab of lower limb injuries, meaning he is great with hip, knee and tendon injuries. Further strings to his bows are being Dry Needling and Pilates qualified as well as qualified in the iMove Run Consult.

Daniel enjoys sprint triathlons and you will see him running the city2surf and Blackmores.


Adrian D'costa adrian.dcosta@imovephysio.com.au
Adrian D'costa adrian.dcosta@imovephysio.com.auPhysiotherapist
Adrian is our Principal Physio at iMove Miranda Clinic. He is passionate about learning and you will always find him trying new techniques and learning new principles in the the physiotherapy world. He has ambitions to go onto become a PHD and lecturer as an Alumni of Sydney University.

He has specialised in rehabilitation having attended orthopaedic seminars, working closely with local surgeons and continuing education courses on the hip and knee. He also has a strong sports and injury background at his previous employments. Adrian has been trained in the iMove Run Consult and can make you a stronger, more efficient and injury free runner.

On the weekends you will find him playing cricket for Gymea and improving his running. Contact us today to make an appointment with Adrian.

Hayden Garner hayden.garner@imovephysio.com.au
Hayden Garner hayden.garner@imovephysio.com.auPhysiotherapist
Hayden Garner from iMove Physio Miranda joined our team after years of hard work and a career change. He is an avid surfer, AFL player and CrossFitter.

Due to his CrossFit background Hayden has merged movement science, performance and physio all into one. If you’re looking to move better, get stronger or recover quicker then he is the man for you.

Clinically Hayden excels at improving shoulder function and later in his career attended an ‘active release of the spine’ course. Combine this with his Cert III-IV in fitness and Cert IV in massage and you have a wonderfully rounded physio to get you back on track.

After joining the team he was then formally trained in iMove’s running consult. This makes Hayden a wonderful choice for any of your niggles or injuries.


Michael Rizk michael.rizk@imovephysio.com.au
Michael Rizk michael.rizk@imovephysio.com.auPhysiotherapist // Owner
Michael is a proud owner of iMove Physio, currently practicing from both iMove Rozelle and iMove Panania. He has worked in a mixture of private practice and sporting teams for the last five years.

He has been Principal Physiotherapist for NSW Super League Football team, Macarthur Rams and Head Physiotherapist for the Country Cricket NSW team. A keen cricketer himself Michael has played cricket at the 1st Grade Level for Georges River DCC. Michael has undergone 2 knee reconstructions and a plethora of injuries, which has helped him understand what it is like to be the patient.

Michael has a particular interest in the shoulder having performed ongoing education under ‘shoulder gurus’ Eric Cressey and Mike Reinold. He is also recognized as a ‘Specialised Running Clinic Physiotherapist’. Click here to book online with Michael at either iMove Rozelle or iMove Panania.

Daniel Kurlapski daniel.kurlapski@imovephysio.com.au
Daniel Kurlapski daniel.kurlapski@imovephysio.com.auPhysiotherapist // Owner
Daniel is a proud owner of iMove Physio, currently practicing from both iMove Rozelle and iMove Miranda. Previously, he spent four years as Sydney F.C’s Assistant Physiotherapist, working with the senior team while also being responsible for overseeing Sydney F.C’s National Youth League team. Other sporting involvement includes the Sydney Swans and head physiotherapist for 2013 National Premier League Champions, Sydney United 58.

Enjoying all forms of running from marathons to trail runs and triathlons, Daniel has a special interest in the active population, particularly running and football, with prevention and preparation being a key focus.

Click here to book in with Daniel at either iMove Rozelle or iMove Miranda.