iMove Physio Team Rozelle, Clovelly, Miranda, Panania, Kirrawee

Our Goal at iMove Physio is Simple. Get you out of pain fast and moving better so you can get back to what you need to be doing and more importantly what you love to be doing.

Our experienced team provides only 1 on 1 consults and you will receive a management plan so you know exactly what you need to be doing every step of the way instead of coming back over and over again like some health professionals.

We love helping you with Neck and Shoulder Pain, Hip and Back Pain, Knee Issues and Arthritis, Sports and Running Injuries, Foot & Ankle/Achilles Injuries. People we love to help are Pre and Post Natal Mums, Gym goers, Crossfitters and F45’ers, Athletes, Runners, Prehab or Rehab from surgery.

iMove Physio services Clovelly, Rozelle, Miranda, Kirrawee and Panania.

iMove Physio ROZELLE

Laura Hill
Laura Hill Physiotherapist
Laura is an experienced women’s health physio with special interest in pre and post-surgery rehab. She is also a wonderful athlete participating in Crossfit and marathons which makes her physio knowledge very well rounded.
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Roy Chan
Roy ChanPhysiotherapist
Roy is experienced in conditions of the neck, shoulder, and forearms. Also playing and coaching Tennis and Oztag at a high level he understands the demands on knee and ankle injuries.
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Mike Engelsman
Mike EngelsmanMassage Therapist
Mike is our outstanding massage therapist at iMove Physio Rozelle. He brings with him years of experience treating athletes in many roles. He has worked as a RunLab and CanToo running coach. He is also a physical education teacher and enjoys a biomechanical assessments of all athletes.
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Michael Denny-Smith
Michael Denny-SmithPhysiotherapist
Michael is one of the most experienced Physios at iMove. We say this here because he is always smiling, and looks younger than he is. His nick name ‘Denny Smiles’ precedes him.
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iMove Physio PANANIA

Mitch Heiser
Mitch HeiserPhysiotherapist
Mitch is a local, growing up in Padstow, and an experienced iMover in our Panania Team. He is our go-to physio for shoulders, knees and ankle issues. Movement and performance have also become a massive strength if you are looking to start a new fitness regime or get fitter and stronger.
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Daniel Stack
Daniel StackPhysiotherapist
Daniel is a highly experienced physiotherapist in both clinical and sports physio roles. He is the physio for the Hyundai A-League referees, which provides him with a unique insight into the demands of elite sport and has made him proficient in overuse injuries and rehabbing multidirectional sports.
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iMove Physio MIRANDA

Alex Burgess
Alex BurgessPhysiotherapist
Alex Burgess brings with her a wide variety of experience to our Physio team at Miranda. She has a special interest in back & neck conditions, knee surgery, and injury and women’s health Physio. Being close to Miranda Medical centre Alex has helped several people through their surgery journeys.
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Hayden Garner
Hayden Garner Physiotherapist
Hayden brings amazing experience to iMove Physio Miranda. He has completed advanced spinal and back physio courses as well as returning to university to undergo titling and specialisation which only a handful of physio’s in Australia go through.
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Emma Lyon
Emma LyonPhysiotherapist
Emma is also an experienced local Physiotherapist at iMove Miranda. She has lived in the shire most of her life and has spent her physio career working here as well.
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iMove Physio CLOVELLY

Alex Bell
Alex BellPhysiotherapist
Alex is the founder of the Running Room and after a chance meeting with the owners of iMove they knew they had to work together in a collaborative space treating not only runners but active individuals and every day people struggling with anything from a sore shoulder to pre or post-surgical rehab.
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Madison Cutmore
Madison CutmorePhysiotherapist
Madison is an experienced Physiotherapist, not only in her career but she has also had some wonderful life experiences. After starting her career Madison pursued helping others overseas with her Physio. She made an impact by using her services in less fortunate countries.
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Patrick McNamara
Patrick McNamara Physiotherapist
Patrick is an experienced running and lower limb physio. After competing in marathons and ultra marathons like the Taraweera and UTMB and his early career at leading shoe retailer Running Science, Pat knows running!
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Michael Rizk
Michael Rizk Physiotherapist
Michael is a proud Co-Owner of iMove Physio. He and Daniel started the first iMove 6 years ago in Rozelle, founded on a passion for 1on1 consults, longer appointments and evidenced-based care as well as giving back daily on social media.
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Daniel Kurlapski
Daniel Kurlapski Physiotherapist
Daniel is a proud owner of iMove Physio, currently practicing from both iMove Rozelle and iMove Miranda. Previously, he spent four years as Sydney F.C’s Assistant Physiotherapist, working with the senior team.
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