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iMove Physio Clovelly & The Running Room Physio Clovelly welcomes you. The first question we get asked is “what is The Running Room and iMove Physio?”

Quite simply it was two established physiotherapy brands that had a passion for treating with high quality care, evidenced based practice and helping locals in the community.

Running Room had developed a unique system of treating runners and iMove Physio always loved treating runners. It doesn’t matter who you see or what condition you have you will get treated in the same principles that made both brands successful.

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Team iMove Physiotherapy Clovelly

You can meet the iMove Physiotherapy Clovelly Team below. You might run into them at Top Hat Coffee or grabbing a burger at beyond blue. At lunch they’ll be running between Coogee, Maroubra or up in Centennial park. We also work closely with local gyms like F45, CrossFit, Symmetrie and have a great relationship with local GP’s and surgeons.

To find out the fees, click FAQs at the top of the page or click on each individual practitioner.

Patrick McNamara
Patrick McNamara Physiotherapist
Patrick is an experienced running & lower limb physio. He regularly runs marathons in sub 3, and has also put himself through multiple Ironman triathlons and ultramarathons up to 100miles, including UTMB and Comrades.
Lydia McKay
Lydia McKayPhysiotherapist
Lydia is an experienced Physio with wonderful knowledge in all musculoskeletal areas and in particular lower limb running injuries. ‘Lyds’ has upskilled in several ankle, foot, and knee courses and is passionate about using an evidence-based approach to keep you running.
Michael Denny-Smith
Michael Denny-SmithPhysiotherapist
Michael is one of the most experienced Physios at iMove. We say this here because he is always smiling, and looks younger than he is. His nick name ‘Denny Smiles’ precedes him.
Beau Tyrrell
Beau TyrrellPhysiotherapist
Beau Graduated from the University of Sydney in 2021 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy.

Beau excels at managing the complexity of pain with a holistic approach, focussing on helping patients achieve their goals and developing self management solutions. He will go to any length and assess every relevant aspect until he gets the patient where they want to be.

Sally Wood
Sally WoodPhysiotherapist
Sally completed her Masters of Physiotherapy in Scotland and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at LSU in the United States.

Sally has had a keen interest in sport from when she was young. She trained as an Elite Swimmer, competing for Scotland on many occasions including the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2008. She has now moved on to triathlon and competed in the Kona Ironman World Champs in 2022.

Harry Lord
Harry LordPhysiotherapist
Harry is a passionate physiotherapist, eager to facilitate anyone dealing with injury or pain to reach their movement goals and do the things they love. Whether it is a lap around the block or an ultramarathon, if it is meaningful to you, then he would like to help.

Things our physio’s love to help you with are:

Things our physio’s love to help you with are:

What You Can Expect From Every Session

Personalised Treatment
We only do 1 on 1 appointments. This means we don’t leave you on a machine so we can treat someone else and we help you all the way with any exercises we give you.

Trusted Experience
We close our clinics once every week for 2 hours to stay ahead of the latest evidence as a team. This means you are getting the best and up to date treatments every time.

Commitment to you
We have introduced management plans, anatomy apps and take home exercise programs so you know what to do every step of the way.

Latest News

If you have any questions or want more information we publish a blog a week and you will be able to see these below or by clicking on iMove TV. You can also use our Drift Chat bot in the bottom right to get in touch with our Owner and Founder Michael Rizk.

Book Online in ‘30-Seconds’

Easily book an appointment at iMove Physiotherapy Clovelly in 30-seconds by selecting a practitioner, date and time from the booking portal below. Same day appointments are available!

Book Online in ‘30-Seconds’

Easily book an appointment at iMove Physiotherapy Clovelly in 30-seconds by selecting a practitioner, date and time from the booking portal below. Same day appointments are available!

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Get in touch with one of our experienced physiotherapists today! Whether you have a question or would like to make an appointment we are here to help.

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Out of hours appointments are available by request at iMove Physiotherapy Clovelly.

We are located in what used to be the old Clovelly RSL and is now the Roly Poly Child Care centre in Clovelly. This building is on Clovelly Rd and our entry is on Knox St via a small set of stairs.